About Me

Vicki knew there was more than her love of teaching elementary children. Having a background in Education and Psychology encouraged her to make a difference. A family member and a friend were re-diagnosed with serious illnesses and Vicki felt driven to pursue and complete the training to support her.

She has helped people on a mind, body and soul level. People’s chronic pain levels have lessened and general health has improved. Vicki’s own recurring injuries from dance and running provided opportunities for self healing. Her own Reconnection® has helped her health and well-being. Healing can be spontaneous or evolve over time, not always in the manner expected.

Since 2012, she has been a Practitioner and continues to teach. She has always been drawn to alternative healing. Her spiritual journey began in 2002 when learning intuitive Tarot. Through a metaphysical group, she was introduced to Eric Pearl’s book “The Reconnection®: Heal Others, Heal Yourself” and couldn’t put it down.

The opportunity arose to take the training. At the Level 1/2, Vicki experienced tingling in her palms while working with the frequencies. She waited a few months, took Level 3 and the Reconnective Healing® with Animals Mentoring workshop. Future plans are to become a Practitioner Mentor and Facilitator for Reconnective Kids.

Vicki lives in Coquitlam, where she does Reconnective Healing® at a wellness center and is available for Animal and Distance Healing.