I had three sessions with Vicki in my home. All sessions were very relaxed and left me feeling positive and rested… In the first session I was so totally at ease and found myself so relaxed I walked across a  raging river . The next session had me climbing a mountain to the top…. There was no movement in my body . My mind took me to these places..  The third session was one of complete relaxation and a relaxed mind as well. In discussing the challenges in the first two sessions it was determined that I was a very determined person. The fact I have cancer and am determined to fight it definitely showed in these re-connective sessions.A very positive experience.   -F J


Hi, just a short note to let you know about the treatment you did on me. A few years ago I was in a car accident and one of the injuries I sustained was an ongoing pain in my right hip.  It would come and go when walking or even lying down.  I would get a sharp pain that made walking or standing for any length of time quite uncomfortable. It was pretty painful when I was lying on your table for treatment.  I didn’t realize till the next day that it was gone! I realized that it had gone away when you were doing the treatment on me.  It hasn’t come back since, and I am truly thankful for that.  Thank you again! -BL


Hi Vicki, Dirk had surgery on his hand Thursday,he had had no pain and can move a finger that he could not before. The bandage comes off tomorrow, and then it will be redone by me,so we will see what it looks like. However he wants me to tell you that the healing you have been doing must be working, about 5 minutes ago the muscles in that hand were jumping so he thinks its your signals . Just wanted to say thank you from both of us. -J.A.